Church Stretton walk 11th March

Five members of the Nuneaton Mountaineer and Hill Walking club braved the weather for the day walk in Church Stretton. It was still very wintery here, the snow being shin deep in places. The car park at Carding Mill Valley a bit on the slippery side, as Martyn found out as he manages to fall over within thirty seconds of getting out of the car. (No injuries sustained). It was nice to see the the moor ponies that had come off the hills for the shelter of the car park.

After leaving the car park the early climb became somewhat arduous in these conditions as we headed in a north easterly direction to Caer Caradoc. The views looking back a real winter scene. Our hill was always in sight but it was three hours before we set foot on it.

A slow steady climb on the north side in falling snow we finally reached the summit. On the descent we found ourselves walking into the wind with the sleet being blown into our faces which was quite sharp, it was also getting quite cold and we were glad to get down to the relative calm of Church Stretton. Back on the flat ground we weaved our way through the town and back to Carding Mill Valley car park.

A great day, great route and a great hill enjoyed by all, but we were glad to get back to the warmth of the cars.


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