What do I need to get started?

For local walks a pair of walking boots and a waterproof jacket should suffice.

For hill walks a small rucksack, a pair of walking boots, a waterproof jacket and overtrousers, plus a hat and gloves should suffice.

Should you progress towards mountain walks and/or winter walks additional gear is advisable and more experienced members will be happy to advise.


Do I need to be able to navigate?

No. Each walk is led by an experienced member who will take responsibility for navigation. However, should you decide to walk regularly we recommend learning to navigate yourself to increase self-reliance and allow you to follow your own routes in future.


What level of fitness do I need?

For local walks, anyone who can walk on the flat for two or three hours should be able to manage.

For hill walking this will vary depending on the route to be followed. Most reasonably fit individuals should be able to manage.

For the longer routes or mountain walks a higher level of fitness is required.

Once you have been out with us a couple of times, more experienced members will be able to offer advice on whether or not a route is suitable for your level of fitness/ability.


How much is it to join?

Our membership fee for 2024 is £25 which also includes associate membership to the BMC. 


Do I need to join on my first visit/trip?

No. New members are invited to join us on two or three occasions (including trips away) before deciding if it is right for them.


Are trips open to everyone?

Yes. All trips are open to everyone. 

Does everyone walk together or is there a choice?

On the day walks people generally walk together. On the weekend or week trips you have the choice of walking with other members or doing your own thing. Quite often a group will split into two or three smaller groups following different routes. 


On a weekend/week trip do I have to walk every day?

No. You are free to choose the days you walk or even if you walk at all!


Will you be able to give me help and advice with kit?

Yes. More experience members will be able to offer advice and guidance.


Will anyone be able to help me with navigation and map reading?

Yes. More experience members will be able to offer advice and guidance. In addition, more formal courses are available at competitive rates through our affiliation with the British Mountaineering Club.


How do you organise travel?

This is usually done informally amongst the members who are going on a specific trip. We encourage car sharing and splitting petrol costs.


Do I need to live in Nuneaton?

No. Although most members live in/near Nuneaton, some live as far away as Scotland!


Do you have under 18’s?

Only if accompanied by a responsible adult.  

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